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The Laguna Nimez Nature Reserve, one of the first nature reserves in Argentina, was created in 1986 by municipal bylaw (N. 33/86) with the objective of "preserve, broadcast, investigate and guard everything that concerns to the area Heritage". This reserve, with a great biodiversity wealth, acquired then, the name of "Laguna Nimez" (Nimez Lagoon), in homage to the former owner of these lands and pioneer of the town: Augusto Nimez.


In 2001, the park administration was given to the "Patagonia Austral National University", an organization that till now, is the entity of application of the area. By then, the first infrastructure works were made, in order to put a value on the wetland, and enable the visiting from tourists and local inhabitants.


A few years after, in 2005, the reserve acquired the title of Important Bird Area (IBA) from Birdlife International, for having the four requirements to obtain that category. There, it becomes in the AICA SC12.


In 2010, a work team -dependent on the university- formed by city residents was formed, which allowed addressing the challenges of the area protection, at the local level. By having this reserve the category of IBA, it was possible to apply, and was won, the "Conserve Argentina" bursary, promoted by Aves Argentinas. Due to that, the financy necessary to continue the infrastructure works, as well as projects for the realization of the objectives of the reserve, was obteined.


In 2012 the area got regulated, and a year after was declared of cultural and educational interest by municipal bylaw (27/13).


Some years later, in 2015, in order to establish an alliance that links and strengthens the urban protected areas of the southernmost part of the continent, the Patagonia Urban Nature Reserve Network (RRNUP) is formed, with the Laguna Nimez Reserve as One of its founding members.


Today, 34 years after its creation, the park receives more than 20 thousand people per year; people that come to know, learn, enjoy, connect with nature, be moved... To live a peaceful experience

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