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Nature reserves can be open-air classrooms. That is why we propose to visit the LNNR, to be able to approach knowledge acquired at school, and reinforce it in practice.

To make the visit accompanied by a wildlife guard, or receive a visit in the classroom, teachers are requested to notify -at least- one week in advance.  For the first case, it will be necessary to know: the number of students who will visit the area, the ages and the visiting hours.

We remind you that groups of more than 20 people cannot be held, so it is recommended, in case of having groups that exceed that amount, subdivide them to start 10 or 15 minutes apart, or start at the beginning and end of the trail (so as not to overload a particular area).

If desired, and notify in advance, the guided tour may be thematic, focused on the knowledge to be imparted / reinforced.

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